Claire Oboussier and Vong Phaophanits Gateway at Parkside Place


Public art can be vast or intimate in scale, ephemeral or a structural landmark. It is a role of Artscape Management to support the visions of clients, stakeholders and the commissioned artists. What distinguishes our approach to producing cultural and arts strategy and is our understanding of the complexities which need to be addressed including; where the art will be located, how it will be made, what it will mean to those who see it daily or as a fleeting visit. Our work ensures that the artists and their designs that we project manage from strategic perspectives through to installation on site, looks to express community values, enhance or respond to the environment, transform a landscape and create a moment to reflect.

Our work demands pragmatism and a recognition of constraints that might be in place. Working as part of the design and in the delivery team allows us to be best placed to support an inclusive, effective delivery programme and maximize opportunities.   

Artscape is committed is to supporting both the clients and artists it works with to enable the best possible opportunities for partnership. Our goal is to generate opportunities for artists to create the unexpected within the public realm. Artists and commissioners, with Artscape's assistance, can join together to offer to people in public places new experiences and ways of interpreting what they see around them.


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Zachary Eastwood - Bloom

Artist Zachary Eastwood-Bloom appointed to Woolf Institute commission, Cambridge. Feature public artwork for the new building.

Posted by   sarah on   Nov 12, 2016

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