Kerry Lemon

Kerry Lemon 

 "I LOVE to draw and long to tell my eight year old self that it will be how I make my living. 
I cannot believe my luck."

Although each piece is initially made in the same way, (hand drawing in pen on paper) my drawings end up in widely diverse contexts and media including international print, retail, architecture and public realm. I interpret and solve problems, using research led drawing to come up with new ways of seeing brands, spaces, objects and environments. 

Current major projects include; 
- Collaborating with an architectural practice to design a block of apartments in Essex
- Designing all the integrated artwork for a town centre redevelopment in Berkshire including paving, lighting, underpasses, street furniture, cladding and gates
- Creating integrated artwork for a new housing development in South Gloucester

Taken from Kerry Lemon's wonderful website where you can follow her Blog and other projects
Monday was the very scary/ exciting press launch for my public art commission in Bracknell Berkshire (find out more here). I had to present the project to tv, radio and newspapers and I actually really enjoyed it once I got started! 

I've also had to do a number of photoshoots for the project (favourite photos above - please be kind!) and I've been filmed for a series of videos introducing different elements of the project (which I hope to share with you soon.) 
It's such an exciting project, creating integrated artwork for The Lexicon across the 580,000 square foot site. I was commissioned by the lovely Artscape Management in late 2015 for the role of 'Artist in a Design Team'. This meant working alongside the landscape architects Gillespies, BDP architects and the contractors Mace and Knight Highwood to enhance the plans for the town centre. 
Initially I undertook a HUGE amount of research about Bracknell, as I really wanted to create a genuine and informed sense of place. I explored the history, culture and landscape of the area, alongside the plans for the town centre, as I needed to choose a theme for the project, and select where to place the work within the built environment. I quickly realised that it was the landscape that excited me, Bracknell as nine SSI's so a hugely diverse and important landscape with a huge array of flora and fauna.
I learnt that the north of Bracknell has a predominantly clay soil whilst the south is mostly acidic. This therefore attracts different wildlife to thrive in each area. I've used the High Street in the town centre as an arbitrary dividing line to reflect this, and created 36 paving slabs from granite and brass across the centre. The paving slabs above the High Street reflect those plants found in the northern clay soil, and those below the High Street reflect those found in the acidic southern soil.
I've also created 
- 15 x gobo lights of moths drawn from the Dumbleton Collection at Reading Museum.
- 5 x large street benches depicting a birch leaf in cast jesmonite with brass leaf veins and solid brass insect sculptures.
- 6 x 1m high brass lanterns depicting edible plants found in Bracknell for Eagle Lane - the restaurant/ cafe area.
- a 5m x 6m gate created from powder coated steel and brass depicting the paving slab botanical designs.
There's also LOTS more elements in the pipeline including underpasses, cladding and a beacon and I promise to share more soon... x



Sneak preview images of Kerry's work in fabrication



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