We create architecture that improves people's lives.

We aim for an architecture which is rational and poetic, robust and delightful; we tread carefully and build with conviction; we tackle problems head on and think laterally; we deconstruct a brief and let a design emerge from close examination of the pieces; we don't necessarily take 'no' for an answer; we believe the power of architecture extends much further than the dimensions of individual buildings; we believe architecture is about making life better.

We believe that buildings should be underpinned by a powerful idea; that the idea should be an intelligent and logical response to functionality and a sense of place; and the power of that idea should be embedded in the built form. That way, clients get the buildings they need and society gets the architecture it deserves.

We believe that the city is one of humanity's most impressive and precious cultural achievements. We also believe that cities are about connections, transport, communications, public spaces and joy. We believe in locating our buildings firmly into their contexts - not as slavish repetition but as a considered response to site, materiality, amenity, scale and culture.

We do not believe in the value of a house style; if we have a house style it is one of process, not of form. We are functionalists. We believe a good building is an expression of a clear and rational diagram. We are not idly blown by the winds of fashion. We believe in the value of research. We believe in contemporary design for a changing world.

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Latest News

'Spirit of King's' by Liz Middleton to be unveiled

Commissioned to celebrate King's High School, Warwick's new school location, Liz Middleton's sculpture 'Spirit of King's' is...

Posted by   sarah on   Jan 27, 2020

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Artscape, Booth 224,Manchester Art Fair 11 - 13 October, 2019

Artscape will be exhibiting at the 2019 Manchester Art Fair, 11 - 13th October. Please visit us on Stand 224 We will be...

Posted by   sarah on   Oct 8, 2019

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Kerry Lemon exhibition at Linley Belgravia

Artscape are delighted to be representing the fine art works by artist Kerry Lemon Kerrys exhibition Wild Formation at Linley...

Posted by   sarah on   May 15, 2019

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