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The piece extends from the exterior pavement-side wall of Walmar House through to the entrance feature wall and onto the back wall of the entrance foyer.

Structurally the work is organized around a slim horizontal line or seam of untouched stone that runs the entire length of the piece. Either side of this line there is a mirrored image of carved stone. The carved surface begins at the Regent street end of the wall, with deep, complex vertical marks. As it moves into the interior of the building the carved surface become subtler and more nuanced. This piece is not illustrative or narrative in it’s relation to place. However it does make implicit metaphorical reference to it’s surroundings and their history and in particular to the inception of Regent St itself as a linear thoroughfare at the heart of London, intersecting the pre-existing labyrinth of streets. It also evolves from the seam pointed out to us by the architect Alan Farlie on an early site visit to Walmar House where the joining of the two original buildings is visible.

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