Cabot Circus > R310 RCF Ford Mondeo

'R310 RCF Ford Mondeo' is also concerned with the theme of the supply and sourcing of construction materials, and follows the journey of a Ford Mondeo car and its eventual manifestation as a recycled reinforcing bar within the Cabot Circus car park. The work pays homage to the fact that all the reinforcing steel used to construct the car park is 100% recycled. The car, purchased by Neville on E-bay, was driven to a scrap yard in Newport where it was de-polluted and shredded to become 680 kgs of steel which was then transported to Celsa, the Spanish-owned steelworks in Cardiff, where it was melted down and turned into a 32 mm re-bar. The cast number given to the steel scrap enabled it to be tracked to its final destination in a concrete column on the car park's third level where the Ford Mondeo's registration number 'R310 RCF' is inscribed into the column to mark its place.