Darwin Green

Artscape have created an overarching public art strategy for the new Darwin Green development. A series of permanent and temporary artworks will be commissioned over the course of development.

The public art for Darwin Green has been conceived to contribute to the social and economic visions for Darwin Green as well as assist in enhancing the schemes’ unique identity, through the life of the development. Through a phased and integrated programme of arts commissions, temporary and permanent, the delivery of the highest quality artwork will help to create intriguing, inspiring and innovative dimension to the development.

The public art strategy identifies methods through which public art and other cultural interactions can perform a specific function in the creation of a thriving community in Darwin Green. Artscape have carried out extensive research in to the immediate area of the site and its surroundings, looking to liaise with local communities and interested parties, combining this with a sound understanding of Barratt Homes’ aspirations for Darwin Green, as well as the inspirations for the architects and landscape architects.

Early appointment of the first Artist in Residence emphasizes the commitment to embed the public art into the fabric of the emerging architecture and landscape architecture. Equally importantly, through the programme of temporary arts events and subsequent permanent interventions, the appointed artists will be able to capture and record ‘living memories’ of the area and reference historical research. They will aim to captivate not only the new residents but also surrounding communities, arts and culture followers, people coming in to the area to work or simply to visit.

Such a policy to embed the public art so firmly within the programme of development for Darwin Green ensures that the available S106 budget can be allocated to projects and timetabled to maximise the potential of linking with and into existing infrastructure budgets. The phased programme of art commissions will allow for momentum to grow, to find the most effective mechanisms for engagement and showcase the Darwin Green Public Art Programme.

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