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The temporary photographic commission was awarded to regionally based Patrick Shanahan, and was exhibited in and around Exeter and the development site during the construction programme. Patrick chose to investigate the contemporary 'cultural landscape' and capture moments of Exeter perhaps long taken for granted or no longer easily accessible. The 'ancient+modern' images revealed the juxtaposition of a modern developing city with the old and historically rich foundations of Exeter. By contrast, Patrick's commission for the Paris Street hoardings, 'Riverwalk', was based around a series of walks taken along the River Exe, from Exeter's Quayside to Exmouth in the east and then across to Dawlish, west of the city.

'The images displayed in Paris Street are not chronologically ordered. They are sequenced to convey the experience of walking through the landscape unconsciously taking in the views in a haphazard way, as your eyes wander from a general view to a detailed view'

Patrick's exquisite photographs convert otherwise recognisable urban landscapes into reworked places which have both a strong, evocative capacity and a sense of artificiality about them. In blurring the distinction between reality and imagination, Shanahan's photographs manage to alter the way we see.

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