Princesshay Development > In Memory Exeter 1942

This new work by Exeter-based sculptor Roger Dean incorporates a wall of curved
stainless steel with two highly detailed bronze reliefs. The front relief, within the concave of the sculpture, was originally created by Roger for his memorial fountain located in the city centre. Land Securities invited Roger to revisit his work when it became apparent, during development of Princesshay, that his original fountain would not survive relocation.

The new bronze and steel sculptural work is located within Broadwalk House Gardens in Southernhay. The inspiration for two bronze reliefs, as with the original fountain, was from the photographic records taken the day after the bombardment of Exeter in May 1942. These reliefs are encapsulated in a steel sculptural wall that creates a new focal point in the gardens, which aims to offer the busy users of the city a place for a moment's respite and contemplation

Landscape architect: Livingston Eyre Associates

Lighting designer: BDP Lighting

Fabricator: Taunton Fabrications

Princesshay Development Permanent Works