Walmar House, Regent Street, London

Artscape wrote the strategy and project managed the public art commission for the Portland stone wall entrance of Walmar House by Vong Phaophanit and Claire Oboussier, with stone carver Paul Jakeman. 

Artscape were appointed by Great Portland Estates to work with RFK Architects on their redevelopment of Walmar House. Artscape wrote the strategy and project managed the public art commission for the Portland stone wall entrance of Walmar House.

Great attention to detail has been paid to the quality of materials and the experience of the moving through the new building, to create a welcoming, calm and uncluttered entry space.

The art commission is seen as highly valuable and an additional dimension to Walmar House, contributing to the aspirations of the client and design teams, to create a visual marker – a meeting point for this office building.

The Line by Vong Phaophanit and Claire Oboussier

Structurally the work is organised around a slim horizontal line or seam of untouched stone that runs the entire length of the piece. Either side of this line there is a mirrored image of carved stone. The carved surface begins boldly at the Regent Street end of the wall, with strong, complex vertical lines lending a dynamic visual presence to the work when viewed from the street. As it moves into the interior of the building, the carved surface becomes subtler and more nuanced to befit the calm, uncluttered design ethos of the entrance space, until it reaches the back wall where it is delicate and restrained. As with all our work this piece is not illustrative or narrative in its relation to place. However it does make more implicit metaphorical reference to its surroundings and their history and particularly to the inception of Regent Street itself as a linear thoroughfare at the heart of London, intersecting the pre-existing labyrinth of streets. The concept also evolves from the ‘seam’ pointed out to us by the architects on an early site visit to Walmar House where the joining of the two earlier buildings is visible.


Recent Projects by Paul Jakeman

The Atlas Fountain at Kenilworth Castle

Paul Jakeman’s most recent carving (for Fairhaven & Woods) can be seen at the newly restored Elizabethan Gardens at Kenilworth Castle. In just seven months, Paul singlehandedly brought forth from a 5 ton block of Carrara marble, the twin Atlas figures carrying the globe aloft surmounted by the Earl of Dudley’s Staff. This fountain is the centrepiece of English Heritage’s garden recreation. Paul’s work also included modelling the panels on the base of the fountain entitled; ‘Doris and her Daughters and ‘Triton’.

Paul carved the decorative cornice in Portland stone, involving egg and dart work, rosettes and oak-leaves at Ketton Stone.

The Beasts of Bloomsbury

One of Paul’s most notable, recent large-scale projects (also for Fairhaven & Woods) was carving the front-facing unicorn on the steeple of St. George’s of Bloomsbury completed in the spring of 2006. This was a significant architectural and decorative restoration project of an important, Hawksmoor church that received substantial lottery funding and much media attention.




Studio ZNA is a creative lighting design practice. We offer a specialist understanding of light and form. The dynamic nature of light, natural and artificial: its ability to transform and maximise space, highlight texture, stimulate colour and evoke mood informs our work and stimulates our design process.

Studio ZNA has worked extensively in exhibition, architecture, theatre, opera and film. Our Interest is in challenging the boundaries of design by mixing these mediums to produce exciting and bespoke solutions for our clients. Our practice is built on collaboration. We thrive as part of the creative team and find the collaboration with client and the other designers and artists we work with a stimulating one where we utilise the strengths of shared specialist experience to achieve a cohesive visual language for the client or end user.

Studio ZNA shares a studio space with architects NissenRichards Studio. We have collaborated on many projects and continue to appreciate the benefits of a wide ranging creative base. Our expertise can be applied to a range of projects from intimate to large scale and from temporary to permanent in structure.

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'Line' @Walmar House, Regent Street, London. Complete.

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Walmar House, Regent Street, London

'Line' stone carved artwork by Vong Phaophanit & Claire Oboussier to be unveiled late September 2014. Date to be confirmed

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